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Sox Fan Crying About Youkilis Trade

I love the intensity of this little kid crying over his favorite player Brent Lillibridge being traded to the Red Sox.  Brent has always been one of my personal Sox bench players, especially because he is one of the few guys on the team who updates his twitter page regularly.  No doubt that Brent is up there with ex-Sox greats Pablo Ozuna, Willie Harris, and Dwayne Wise as stand-out bench players, but Brent isn’t worth crying over.  Especially because Youk has instantly become a fan favorite in Chicago and has been killing it since he has dawned a White Sox uniform.  Since joining the Sox he is batting over .300 with 9 RBI’s, and filling the void at 3rd base which between Hudson and Morel have been the worst in the league batting at a combined .178 batting average.  As sad as it is to see Brent go, I’m glad to see someone finally stepping it up at 3rd since the departure of Joe Crede.  The scenery change has done wonders for Youk and we love having him: thanks Bobby Valentine for pissing him off.

One comment on “Sox Fan Crying About Youkilis Trade

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