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Dream Team Documentary

If you missed NBA TV’s amazing documentary about the 1992 Dream Team check out the seventy minute video here.  

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Tebow/Manning “QB I Used to Know”

Not sure if this video is creepy or funny.  Clearly, Colts fans will miss Manning and for some reason some Broncos fans will miss Tebow even though Denver is getting a far superior quarterback.  Anyways, check out these heartbroken fans in their parody of the song “Somebody I Used to Know.”  

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Hilarious Auto-Correct Texts

We have all done this before: girlfriends, parents, co-workers, it is always embarrassing.  IPhones are too smart for their own good, but luckily you are not alone.  Check out this website with a plethora of auto-corrected texts that will make us all feel better about the “Text that got away.”

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