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Super Bowl in Chicago?

Chicago is the greatest city in the world, all of us who live here know that.  But, we don’t need anymore of these high profiled events occurring here.  Sure it’s great for the city to be in the national and international spotlight, but all it does is cause problems for us here who are trying to live our lives.  We hosted World Cup Soccer games back in 1994, that was a mess.  We recently saw what the NATO Summit did for the city, bringing in countless amount of Hippies which we didn’t need stopping traffic.  Now Mayor Emanuel is talking to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about bringing the Super Bowl here?  Thanks, but no thanks.  Thankfully, we didn’t win to become the host city for the Summer Olympics, let Rio deal with that problem.  All these high-profiled events do is cause us all a headache, we don’t need them.  Let’s work on fixing our education system and making sure I can drive around in my car without having to pay five bucks a gallon first before we worry about bringing in the Super Bowl.  Sure, these events bring in money to the city, but we sure never see a penny from these promotions.  The Super Bowl should be played in about three states: Florida, California, and Texas, leave us cold-weather cities alone.  The only time I want to hear Chicago and Super Bowl in the same sentence is when the Bears win it this year.

A Chicago Super Bowl?

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