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Hilarious Hawk Harrelson

With Ozzie Guillen gone it has been left up to White Sox announcer Ken “The Hawk” Harrelson to keep the White Sox in the national spotlight.  Love him or hate him, his sound bites are absolutely hysterical.  He never holds back his own feelings, often leaving the fan dumbfounded by what he is talking about.  Take his newest opinion, he repeatedly has said this year that A’s outfielder Yoenis Cespedes and White Sox outfielder Dayan Viciedo have the “Livest Bats in Baseball.”  Even some of the sharpest baseball fans probably don’t know these two players, but in Hawk’s opinion they have “Lively Bats,” whatever that means.  He loves to retell stories of no-named players he played with during the 1960s and 70s while with the Boston Red Sox.  Hawk also claims that he invented the batting glove and brought it into the major leagues.  Hawkism’s have become a staple of White Sox broadcasts from “You can put it on the board” to “Mercy.”  His hatred for umpires is always entertaining,especially when it comes to country singer turned Ump, “Cowboy” Joe West.  Here’s the video from Hawk’s opinion of Joe West from last season where Ozzie and Buehrle were ejected from a game:

Today Hawk stepped his game up while the White Sox finished off a sweep of the Tampa Bay “I still call them Devil” Rays.  After Pierzynski was hit in the 3rd inning by Tampa pitcher Alex Cobb without any warning being issued.  White Sox pitcher Jose Quintana in the 4th inning then probably tried to retaliate by throwing behind Ben Zobrist.  The pitch resulted in the immediate ejection of Quintana and then eventually Sox manager Robin Ventura, his first ejection as a coach.  Announcer Hawk Harrelson then went on a tirade against umpires which was equally as ridiculous as the Ump’s decision to toss the Sox left-hander.  Although, I don’t believe Quintana when he said that he wasn’t intentionally throwing at Zobrist, he should not have been tossed especially without at least given a warning first.  But, check out the link to hear Hawk’s reaction, without a doubt he is amongst the funniest announcers in sports.

Hawk’s Tirade

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