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MJ’s Newest Gatorade Commercial

One of the many nights that Michael Jordan proved to the world that he was the best basketball player ever occurred against my Utah Jazz during the 1997 NBA Finals.  Rumor has is that after MJ ordered a pizza in his room in a Salt Lake City hotel, he was diagnosed with food poisoning and had a fever of 103 right before game time.  Being the ultimate competitor MJ was, and still is judging by his recent videos during Bobcats practices at age 49, Jordan played through the pain.  He torched the Jazz in game 5 scoring 38 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists leading the Bulls to a 3-2 series lead.  The only people on this earth evidently that weren’t inspired by MJ’s game are the moms who recently have protested Gatorade’s new “Win From Within” Jordan commercial.  They are outraged that this commercial will inspire kids to play while they are sick which is dangerous to their health.  I have two things to say to these moms: first of all, your child isn’t going to be an NBA player and this is Michael Jordan we are talking about, the most competitive basketball player in the world.  He wasn’t going to sit no matter what.  Secondly, stop ruining one of the greatest moments in playoff history, it is a great commercial, don’t try to steal the limelight from the incredible moment it was in such an illustrious career of the greatest basketball player ever.  I have love for all the mothers in the world, but seriously, pick your battles.  This was a great game by the greatest player in one of his darkest hours.  You want to scrutinize Michael Jordan the man?  That’s fine by me, but don’t take away from this moment and the message the commercial is sending, it’s not telling your child to play when he is sick.  It is truly celebrating Michael Jordan’s greatness.

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