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Woman on Floor During Nuggets Game

In case you missed it last night a twenty year old woman named Savannah McMillan-Christmas ran onto the court during the Lakers-Nuggets game.  She appeared to be stumbling and looked very disoriented.  Apparently, she was asking the players where ex-Nuggets and now Clippers center Kenyon Martin.  She has a history of stalking NBA players and had a previous incident at a Nuggets game last year where she was banned from the Pepsi Center.  Either the woman was drunk, drugged up, or simply deranged; whatever the cause, clearly this woman should have been nowhere near the floor.  My question is though: how the hell did she have floor seats to a game, in a stadium, where she was banned from going?  Didn’t any security people at the Pepsi Center realize that she was there?  There is clearly something wrong with this girl and shouldn’t be anywhere near a sporting event, or in public for that matter.  She was arrested for trespassing, and in my opinion, should see some jail time for interrupting the game.  She’s lucky that one of the players didn’t run her over, and maybe she would have deserved it.  Props to Savannah for being the craziest fan around, check out the video, you be the judge: drunk, drugs, or just plain nuts?

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