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The Chicago Curse

As far as sports cities go, Chicagoans historically really can’t complain too much.  We rank third among most championships won in the US behind Boston and New York.  We have had recent success too, the Jordan era brought us six titles, the Sox won seven years ago, and the Hawks brought the Cup to the Windy City two years ago.  But, for the past two years we have gotten so unlucky when it comes to our injured stars.  Cutler’s injury in the NFC Championship against the Packers two years ago should have been a sign of things to come.  I’m not saying that our city is as cursed as Cleveland, but with the Bulls and Bears recent injured stars going down, it’s starting to look ugly for our sports teams.  The Bears looked like one of the best teams in the NFL during a stretch last season, and it appeared that the Monsters of the Midway finally had a legitimate quarterback.  As we have become accustomed to as Bears fans however Cutler went down with a season-ending injury and then Forte followed him to the disabled list two games later ending our playoff hopes.  Not saying they would have won the Super Bowl, but we were definitely on the short-list of teams that could prior to Cutler and Forte’s injuries.

After the Bears’ entire offense went down in the span of two weeks, it was time to switch our attention to the Bulls who were clearly a top three team in the NBA going into the season.  The Bulls during the regular season persevered and overcame multiple injuries to their stars to capture the number one spot in the west.  And all systems appeared to be a go going into the playoffs against the 76ers.  In an instant, with the game well in hand and less than two minutes to go, the season was over.  The season-ending injury to D.Rose was the final shoe to drop in a plagued season for the Bulls.  They survived the regular season without Rose, but with him being out for the playoffs, the Bulls chances were done.

The White Sox and Cubs season’s are basically over before they even began.  The Cubs have the fifth worst record in baseball, and the South Siders’ back-end of the pitching rotation has become laughable.  It’s going to be a long summer in Chicago, we can look forward to the Bears season, but even with the football team, there are many question marks going into the season.  Chicago sports teams are entering a period of limbo, far from the optimism we all had regarding our sports teams nearly six months ago.  Once again, Chicago isn’t the “Mistake on the Lake” like it’s ugly little brother Cleveland.  But our sports curse has really come in full bloom this spring.  At least baseball tickets will be cheap this summer, but my disinterest is becoming a reality in my hometown sports teams.  Time to enjoy the finer things that the city has to offer this summer.

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