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Look at the Bush on that Bear

As a Bears fan, we can’t be too upset about the signing of former Oakland Raiders running back Michael Bush.  He is a total stud, and anybody in the league would love to have him as a starter, let alone a backup.  In a season where he only played the final half of due to McFadden’s injury, Bush was able to accumulate 977 yards and 7 touchdowns rushing.  He is obviously a valuable asset for the Bears to have signed, and this offense is starting to look at least on paper, dear I say it, potent?  All there is left to do is to make our starting running back Matt Forte happy, and that unfortunately has not happened yet.  Management has repeatedly slapped Forte in the face, and I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to leave.  I would hate to see him go because he basically was our entire offense before he suffered his knee injury, but its starting to look that way.  A backfield with Forte and Bush would be deadly, here’s a memo to Bears management: sign your best player to a long-term deal, give Forte some respect.  Love the Michael Bush sign though, keep it up Emery.

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