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Cuck the Fanucks

The Blackhawks are hitting their stride during just the right time.  The Hawks have won their last five straight, and that is without their Captain Jonathan Toews.  Toews has sat out his fifteenth game this season last night against the Canucks, and the team have gone 10-1-1 in his absence over the past 12 games.  When Toews receives a clean bill of health hopefully come playoff time, the Blackhawks once again will compete for the Cup this year.

Last night the Hawks beat the Canucks in overtime 2-1 with a game winning goal from rookie Andrew Shaw.  Luongo proved once again that he can’t beat the Hawks, and the Sedin boys are being sent back to their mama’s.  I hate the Canucks almost as much as insert any Michigan based team.  From their fans who can’t handle their team losing and going nuts in Vancouver, to their overrated goalie, and the freaking twins.  Can’t stand ’em, and hopefully the Hawks will get another shot at them in the playoffs this year to redeem ourselves from last year’s disappointments.  The Hawks still have the same core for the most part from the championship team, with a couple young new faces like Shaw who plays extensive minutes.  When they get Toews back the Hawks will be a dangerous team, and in my opinion, the team to beat.

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