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Marshall, Stop Hitting!

Bears fans knew what they were getting when new GM Phil Emery traded for Brandon Marshall.  He’s a legitimate number one receiver, which the Bears have never had, and he definitely has his off-field issues.  The Bears have not had a 1,000 yard receiver since 2002 with Marty Booker, and as long as Marshall doesn’t get injured, he will get 1,000 yards this year.  On the field hasn’t been the problem for Marshall, it’s off the field where he finds himself in trouble.  He was in a fight outside a bar in Denver that eventually lead to a drive-by shooting and slaying of Broncos corner Darrent Williams.  And, last year he was charged with domestic violence which was later dropped by his wife.  Last summer it became public that Marshall has a personality disorder which at times causing him to act erratically.

Marshall had one of these erratic moments late Saturday night outside of a New York night club.  He allegedly struck a woman during a dispute between the woman he hit and his wife.  The case is still open to investigation, but I would imagine it will be settled quietly between lawyers outside of court.  Whatever the deal is with Marshall’s personality may be impossible to completely change, but Bears fans should hope that Marshall can stay out of the limelight for the next couple months.  Marshall will be a tremendous asset to the Bears offense, that is, if he can stay on the field.  Make sure to keep him away from the clubs on Rush and Hubbard Street and Bears fans will be able to breathe easier.  We need you this year Brandon Marshall, keep your head together, and as always Bear Down!!

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