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A Mile High at Soldier Field

Finally, is all I can say about the Bears signing an All-Pro wide-receiver in Brandon Marshall.  This is the deep threat we needed, and lezbehonest, he wasn’t on anybody’s radar.  All the talk had been about Dwayne Bowe, Vincent Jackson, Mike Wallace, Marquez Colston, etc.  Interesting that Marshall’s name wasn’t really prevalent in the Bears’ off-season plans, but I applaud new GM Phil Emery.  Here’s an interesting fact about Marshall: he is in the company of Larry Fitzgerald and Roddy White as one of three players with five consecutive 1,000+ yards receiving seasons.  His first two?  Those were with Jay Cutler in Denver.

We know about Marshall’s widely publicized off-the-field antics, but Lovie Smith runs a pretty type ship (Excluding those named Sam Hurd).  It’s Urlacher’s locker room, he’s the leader, along with other veterans such as Peppers and Briggs.  Marshall only adds to our offensive potency, which as a Bears fan I almost stand in disbelief.  But, let’s remember, Lovie Smith is a defensive minded coach, the Bears heart and soul are still defensively oriented.  That’s how you win championships, and now with Marshall it only adds to our offense, which at times almost seems like an after thought.  Hopefully we give Forte what he wants, seriously, whatever he wants financially sounds alright with me.  Snatch a decent offensive line men and maybe another defensive back and DA BEARS are in business.  A healthy Cutler thrown into the mix as well?  If all holds up well next year injury wise, Chi-town should get ready to SHAKE THE LAKE.

HAHAHA we look mentally-challenged, but whatever DAAAAAAA BEEEEEEAAAAAARRRRRSSSSSS

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