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Saints Bounty Hunters

Does anyone find it weird that ESPN analyst, and former New Orleans Safety Darren Sharper does not find a problem with the Saints’ bounty system?  Obviously, he was a recipient of some sort of financial retribution for his hard hits during his playing days on Bourbon Street, but seriously, does anyone really care?  Broncos Coach John Fox is calling for Saints Coach Sean Peyton’s head, the league is mulling suspending him for half a year, but I remain indifferent.  Football is a violent game, it is messed up that the Saints contractually wanted players to hurt players on the opposing team, but are we that blind to think that this doesn’t go on everywhere?  The Saints just got caught, that is the only reason that this is a story.  What Peyton and the New Orleans front office did is nowhere near as bad as what Belichick did during “Spygate,” remember that was during the freaking Super Bowl.  The intent in sports should not be to injure the other team’s players, but NFL players know what they are signing up for when they play in the league.  The game is violent, and that is why they receive millions of dollars to play, because at any moment their career could be over.  There is a huge risk playing in the NFL, and the players are rewarded with the risk by their insanely large contracts.  I have zero problem with the bounty system, all teams have some aspect of this system in defensive players’ contracts, the NFL just heard so many complaints about the Saints that they were forced to act.  Belichick received a hefty fine for his “Spygate” and did not miss any game.  I expect the NFL to do the same to Peyton, but you never know, especially within the NFL’s new rules where it is evidently illegal to tackle somebody; just ask Steelers DE James Harrison.

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