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Let the NBA trade rumors begin

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We have already seen a lot of trade rumors involving a variety of big names thus far in the shortened NBA season. While there is no doubt that the biggest trade chip out there right now is Dwight Howard, there have been rumors regarding Pau Gasol, Derrick Williams, Gerald Wallace, Andrew Bynum and many smaller deals as well.

During the all-star weekend in Orlando, it seems as if Dwight Howard has had a change of heart and is more willing to stay with the Magic for the long term. While nothing is imminent, this is probably the best option for Howard. He is the most dominant player in the NBA right now and is still two years from when his prime is supposed to begin. The Sporting News reported yesterday that Howard won’t sign an extension with the Lakers. Another rumor reported by ESPN that seems ridiculous to me, but has been gaining momentum is a trade involving Monta Ellis for Dwight Howard. This trade would do nothing to help the Magic and they could likely get a much better deal, I also don’t think that Golden State is high on Howard’s list. The Magic are more interested in trading for Ellis to make Howard want to stay, but the Magic do not have enough pieces to make that deal happen.

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Another interesting development from Sports Illustrated is that Howard has asked the Magic to trade for Phoenix Suns point guard, Steve Nash. Even though Nash is 38 years old, he hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down. With his style of play, I think he has at least three more solid years left in him. A Howard-Nash combination could be just what the Magic need to become a true threat in the East.

As for Bulls fans, there has been talk of Chicago trading for the superstar center, however I don’t see it happening. The Bulls management loves their current roster, and why wouldn’t they? The Bulls are easily the deepest team in the NBA, but the addition of Howard for Noah, Deng and Gibson makes the Bulls the best team in the NBA.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Chris Broussard has come out with yet another trade rumor from a source, saying that the Celtics are “actively shopping Rajon Rondo”. He cites that the Celtics are tired of Rondo’s “high maintenance attitude” and that coach Doc Rivers is sick of Rondo’s attitude. While this is likely to be right on point regarding Rondo, Broussard seems to always have sources telling him one thing, but it usually never happens. Let’s look back at the 2010 NBA free agency when Broussard said that a source told him LeBron was staying Cleveland, then going to Chicago, then staying in Cleveland, then after Stephen A. Smith predicted James going to the Heat, Broussard’s sources said that LeBron was going to the Heat. Basically what I am trying to say is, do not put much stock into what “sources” tel him, he comes out with the most rumors, yet none of them seem to happen. To prove this, Celtics GM Danny Ainge, has just released a statement saying that he anticipates Rondo being in Boston for a long time. In cases like this, I tend to side with the front office, but at the same time I wouldn’t be surprised if the Celtics traded Rondo. The biggest problem here is that there isn’t a trade for Rondo that makes the Celtics any better than they are right now.

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On the West coast, it has just been reported that the Los Angeles Lakers have decided not to trade for Michael Beasley, which is probably a smart move on their part. The biggest need for the Lakers right now is a point guard and I expect them to search for a deal involving Pau Gasol for a PG. Another rumor that has just surfaced is Lamar Odom for Steve Nash.  Again, this trade doesn’t make a lot of sense for Phoenix because they could probably get a much better deal for Nash somewhere else. Also, I am not really sure what the Mavericks would do with a backcourt of Nash and Jason Kidd.

There is two weeks until the NBA trade deadline and I do anticipate teams making some significant trades in that time, however, these trades are only rumors at this point. It will be an interesting second half of the season, especially with multiple teams attempting to find a “make-or-break” trade.

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