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Bears Need to Open the Checkbook for Playmakers

Obviously the biggest question mark going into the Bears’ free agency this year what kind of money Matt Forte is going to receive.  Even though Forte is coming off of an injury, while he played, he consisted of 80% of the Bears’ total offensive yards.  The city and fans will truly riot if the Bears don’t bring back Forte, especially after we saw Marion Barber’s performance against the Broncos.  The Bears need to keep Forte, and badly.  Other than the offensive line that will hopefully be taken care of during the draft, it still remains evident that the Bears are missing a big play wide receiver.  I like Knox and Hester, don’t get me wrong, but it just feels like we are missing a true receiver on our beloved Bears.  Free agency this season shows two young and talented options that the Bears should woo to come to Chicago.  Dwayne Bowe of the Kansas City Chiefs is the first option, but my favorite alternative to Bowe is Mike Wallace.  The Steelers are trying to do everything in their power to keep Wallace who by far is their best receiver among two other of their star wide receiver trio: Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown.  Problem is that the Steelers don’t have any money in their salary cap to lock Wallace down for a long-term deal or even give him the franchise tag.  So unless Wallace would be willing to take a discount to stay in Pittsburgh it seems pretty likely that Wallace will be headed out of the “Steel City.”  Wallace on the Bears would make a gigantic difference, giving Cutler three legitimate deep threats on every play: with Knox and Hester as well.  It’s time the Bears finally get this “Big Time” receiver that has been missing since the days of Curtis Conway and Bobby Engram, sign Wallace or Bowe, please.

One comment on “Bears Need to Open the Checkbook for Playmakers

  1. The bears will obviously blow this opportunity as usual

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