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Andrew Bynum: Laugh, Cry, or Find Him a Chicago Bank?

When asked about the frequent rumors surrounding the Lakers center and a possible trade for Dwight Howard, Bynum’s answer is hilarious.  He said, “I don’t care where I play, there’s a bank in every city.”  I’ll take that response about trade rumors rather than Howard telling people where he would and wouldn’t play, or Lebron’s “Decision.”  Honestly, Bynum’s answer sounds self-centered and materialistic, but I don’t mind what he said.  The only thing that I disagree with Bynum is that although there is a bank in every city, there are some NBA cities he wouldn’t want to play in.  They may have banks in Sacramento, Detroit, or Indianapolis, but I seriously doubt Bynum would want to live there.  No problem whatsoever with what Bynum said, at least he’s honest; there isn’t any loyalty in sports anymore anyways, all these guys care about are the “Benjamin’s,” at least Bynum admits it.  That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Bynum in a Bulls uniform, I would personally help him find a Chicago-area bank.  Not to mention, that chilling with Bynum would definitely increase my street credibility.

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