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Breaking Down the East, Sort Of…

I know this is supposed to be a Chicago sports blog, but LezBeHonest, we all watch Sportscenter on a regular basis (to sickening levels at times).  And like every other Chicago sports fans, I am tired of hearing about the New York Knicks.  I know Bristol is biased towards Boston and New York teams, which is annoying but understandable.  But seriously, enough about the Knicks.  They are basically the same team that the Denver Nuggets were for the past five years, and how did they do?  Exactly.  Melo and JR will never win a championship (unless they play with Wade, Bron, and Bosh), they are selfish and don’t play a team game: enough is enough Knicks fans.  Get behind Lin, this kid is worth keeping around, especially in D’Antoni’s system.  Melo doesn’t play the run and gun, he plays the “I and Me,” doesn’t really fit the system that was created around a dynamic point guard like Steve Nash now does it?

This is what I would do, get rid of Melo, JR, and Chandler; take Dwight and some scrub from the Magic and call it a day.  Amar’e and Howard in the front court alongside Lin and a decent small forward or point guard would be deadly.  This scenario would never happen of course because the Knicks basically bought the island of Manhattan to pay for Melo, but it would be a thought-provoking option for the Bronx Bombers’ unlikeable colleague to inquire about.

The Miami Heat, I’m sorry Jibber, are the best team in the league; if they want to be.  Not just because they beat a “good team” in the New York Knicks tonight, but because LebronWadeBosh aren’t going to not win NBA titles together forever.  They are too fast, too strong, too talented, and finally have decent enough role players to get them over the hump this year.  The Bulls and the Thunder are the only teams that athletically can stay with the Heat, but for them to win in a seven game first to four wins scenario?  I don’t know, I’m not very confident in anybody’s chances to beat them, especially the way they are playing right now.  I know this is an unpopular post, but I’m just calling it as I see it.  Da Bulls will definitely see them in June, or whenever the hell they are doing the playoffs in this chaotic year, and we will give the Heat a fight.  Am I counting DRose out, obviously not, I’m just saying the Heat won’t stay cold forever in South Beach; it’s inevitable.

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