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Pau Gasol Rumors

AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

Ever since NBA writer, Chris Sheridan broke the news that Bulls point guard, Derrick Rose, has privately told the front office that he wants to play with Pau Gasol, Bulls fans have been up in arms about the possibility of adding Gasol to the team. The rumored deal would be: Pau Gasol for Carlos Boozer, C.J. Watson and possibly Jimmy Butler.

The biggest question about the rumor is why would the Lakers want to downgrade at the power forward position? Pau is still one of the top power forwards in the NBA and he would obviously fit in quite well with the Bulls system, however, there are many other possible deals that are more favorable for the Lakers. While L.A. has made it known that they will most likely part ways with Gasol, they have indicated that they are interested in acquiring a point guard who is capable of creating his own shot as well as for others and Watson has proved that he can do that. But can the Bulls really deal Watson right now with Rose’s health in question for the past two months? Mike James has shown that he is a solid option at the point guard and John Lucas has had moments of brilliance, but also times where he has played poorly. Pau would give the Bulls a big lift in the front court because of his 7’0 frame, his ability to go right or left in the post and that he can shoot a 15′ jumper.

The other great thing for the Bulls would be that while Pau has a higher annual average salary than Boozer, he only has two years left on his contract after this year compared to Boozer’s three, giving the Bulls a lot of financial flexibility a year earlier. This could potentially be a great thing for the Bulls with LeBron, Bosh, and Wade, Carmelo and Amar’e all having the choice of using their early termination option. Right now, it seems unlikely for any of the Big 3 to leave, but maybe if they don’t have a championship by then they may want to part ways. For Carmelo and Amar’e, it feels like there is an unspoken tension among the Knicks players with the emergence of Jeremy Lin and how he made “team play” so effective in the games where Amar’e and Melo were out. As I’ve said before, Carmelo is not a fit for the Bulls and never will be as long as Thibodeau is the head coach and I am 100% behind that. He would ruin the entire morale of the locker room with his “me first” attitude and unwillingness to play defense. However, Amar’e could be a great fit in Chicago with his athleticism and scoring abilities and it also seems more likely for him to use the ETO than anyone.

Andy King/AP

Looking back at the Gasol rumors, there have been reports on ESPN.com saying that the Minnesota Timberwolves would be willing to trade Derrick Williams, however those have seemed to cool down a bit in the past few days. It was also reported today on ESPN Rumor Central that the Lakers were interested in acquiring Michael Beasley from the Timberwolves to fill the role that Lamar Odom played, but there were no suggestions on who would be traded for Beasley and there is no way that a Gasol for Beasley trade would happen. A possible deal could be Gasol for Beasley, Ridnour or Barea and a draft pick, but I don’t think that would be enough.

The other options for the trade would be:

Gasol to Philadelphia for either Andre Iguodala or a package surrounding Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young

Gasol to Atlanta for either Josh Smith or Al Horford and Jeff Teague or Kirk Hinrich

Gasol to Houston for Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola

And the probably the worst one that has been suggested since it really makes no sense for Boston:

Gasol to Boston for Rajon Rondo

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