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Best Obscure Mascots

This website was too good to pass on, talk about obscure and random mascots.  Just look at Izzy, what in the hell is that freaking thing?  My two personal favorites from this top ten are “The Blue Blob” from Xavier University and “Gunston” from George Mason, mostly because I have no idea what kind of drugs these college administrators were on when they chose these as their school’s mascots.  Seriously, some of these mascots are flat-out ridiculous, they put walking talking Buckeyes named “Brutus” to shame.  Also, did anybody know that Stanford’s team name “Cardinal” was evidently code word for a tree?  Here’s the website to copy and paste below to check out the, to quote Rob Dyrdek, “Rediculousness:” http://www.11points.com/sports/11_best,_ugliest_mascots_in_sports

Also, all these mascots got me thinking about another certain mascot story coming from our very own Chicago Bulls.  What was even a more impressive feat for the Bulls’ mascots “Benny the Bull” and “Da Bull” was not their ability to entertain children like they are intended to do.  Rather, they were able to both get arrested within a twelve month span of each other.  “Da Bull” was arrested in 2005 for intent to sell marijuana.  While, in 2006 “Benny the Bull” was arrested for battery and assault on a police officer, the charges were later dropped however.  Mascots are lovable and sometimes hilarious, but let’s remember the person in the costume may be just as idiotic as the costume itself.  There are too many ridiculous mascot stories for me to rant about so I’ll quit while I am ahead.  Yet, I’ll leave you with one of my all time favorites, in a desperate attempt to save the team from moving, which they eventually did five months later, the Thrashers mascot decided to steal a Zamboni and go for a joy ride through downtown Atlanta.  I seriously doubt any person in Atlanta even knew that they had a hockey team, let alone a mascot; the team during the 2010-2011 season average attendance was 13,000 a game.  While, our hometown Blackhawks average own the best attendance record in the league with just over 21,500 per game.

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