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Linappropriate Headline

As a frequent visitor of ESPN.com, I was certainly shocked logging into the site in the wee hours on Sunday morning to find this headline about Jeremy Lin, “A Chink in the Armor.”  Clever headline, yes, done in poor taste, of course.  ESPN is a reputable sports website, probably the largest in the world, and clearly the writer of the report was out of line.  The writer was deservedly fired mere hours after he posted the article, the author then apologized and stated that he did not mean anything derogatory by using the word “Chink” in a post about Jeremy Lin.  Seriously, how stupid can this guy be?  He said he is by no means racist against Asians because his wife is of Japanese descent, which in my eyes should make the title he chose even worse.  Not only did he offend numerous Asian people, but I’d imagine his wife was a bit perturbed as well.  Have fun jobless and most likely sleeping on the couch for a while, but on another note, I wonder if ESPN.com is hiring now because I could use a job…


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