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Another Reason to Hate J.R. Smith

The reason you haven’t hated J.R. Smith yet this year was because he only recently joined the Knicks; he has been playing in China up until a couple of months ago.  This guy, along with Melo are by far my least favorite players in the league, they play absolutely zero defense, they are as selfish as the day is long, and they stand for everything that the NBA shouldn’t be about.  The Nuggets were my least favorite team, but with J.R. and Melo reuniting, the Knicks have dethroned the Nuggets as the most unlikeable regardless of Linsanity.  In spite of Melo’s return, in which he sucked and lost to the hapless New Jersey Nets who clearly have the best basketball player in New York in Deron Williams: J.R. tried his hardest to steal the spotlight.  I mean just check out his new haircut, nothing screams dumbass like this hairdo.  It is the anti-“Bump-It,” don’t lie you have all see the infomercial.

Anyways, J.R. needs to go away, stop shooting so much and maybe play some team basketball and defense once in a while.  I am not at all shocked that once the Nuggets got rid of J.R. and Melo the team started winning again.  Nor, will I be shocked if the Knicks with Melo, Amar’e, and J.R. won’t be able to play alongside Jeremy Lin, who has not so quietly been their best player this year.  Sweet haircut J.R., I’m sure it will help your shooting percentage or street credibility, or whatever else you are looking for.

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