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AI3 to the Pitch?

The question for “the Answer” right now is easy, he needs money and fast.  Iverson is in terrible debt from a jewelry store and desperately needs $850,000 to repay it.  He has offers to play in Puerto Rico and the D-League, but this newest offer from the Rochester Lancers of the Major Indoor Soccer League is interesting.  The team is offering him $20,000 a game, and a $5,000 bonus every time he scores (which happens more than twelve times a game in the league).  I know the guy wants to play in the NBA, but realistically that probably isn’t going to happen and it’s not due to his 38-year-old playing ability; at this point in his career he just isn’t worth the liability for an NBA team in the playoff race.  I’m an AI fan for sure, I used to have his Reebok shoes, and I was all about “The Answer.”  From his off-court antics to his unbelievable scoring ability; as a shorter person, Iverson was awesome to follow as a fan.  So I hope the best for him, and want him to play soccer so we can see his athletic ability in a different sport.  He was an All-American in High School football and basketball, so why wouldn’t he be good at soccer too?  Check out his football recruiting video, dude is nasty.

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