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Iverson’s Last Shot

Allen Iverson, age 36, has made it clear that he wants to return to the NBA and leave the game “On his terms.”  He has stated that he would be willing to play for a D-League team, South American team, or a Caribbean one, but he’ll only play for a lower level team if there would be the option of returning to the NBA.  I have always liked Iverson even though he has had his fair share of off-court issues, along with missing some practices.  But, he still is one of the best individual scores I have ever seen play, and even though he’s not the same “Answer” that he used to be, I would love to see him return.  If nothing else, I at least want to hear what he has to say about going to practice.

One comment on “Iverson’s Last Shot

  1. If you want to come back you have to practice. A lot 🙂

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