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LINbtween Melo and Amar’e?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of the new point guard for the East Chicago Knicks, Jeremy Lin.  He’s the new Asian-American born player out of Harvard who for the past five games has been the best player wearing a Knicks jersey this season.  With the touches Amar’e and Melo receive offensively for the Knicks, the recent question out of the Big Apple has been will all three of these players be able to coexist with one another?  The answer is yes, but if the Knicks are smart they will do it slowly.  Let Lin run the second unit, he’ll be a spark off the bench much like Jason Terry or Jamal Crawford.  Both of these guys play at the end of games, and so will Lin eventually.  However, D’Antoni should give Amar’e and Melo some practice time with Lin before he throws them all out there together for the entire world to scrutinize.  The Knicks may have found a pulse with Lin who really came out of nowhere, and New York fans should be excited, but Rome wasn’t built-in a day.  They will be a force to be reckoned with this season with their new addition, but give it a month or so.

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