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D. Rose Out Again Tonight

Seemingly D. Rose has been battling some type of injury all year, but the latest saga towards the Chicago Kids woes stems from an injury that occurred on February 4th.  At least that was the first time he started complaining about the injury after a game against the Milwaukee Bucks.  He has played sparingly since the injury, and tonight he will be sitting out his third straight game when the Bulls battle the Kings at home, with the hopes that he will be back in the lineup Thursday against the Celtics.  Although it sucks watching Bulls games without our best player, I’m trying to look at this injury in the most optimistic way possible.  Firstly, Rose’s injury isn’t that bad, he had an MRI on Monday and the doctor’s didn’t find anything significant.  Secondly, the Bulls really haven’t played a great team since his injury, besides the Celtics, who I’m not even sure are good this year.  Lastly, with Rose out, C.J. Watson and John Lucas III are getting minutes which will prove pivotal when it comes playoff time.  The Bulls should keep Rose out as long as necessary because these games really don’t mean anything, the Bulls will eventually have to beat the Heat in the playoffs anyways, any game until then is really just a formality.  I still will miss Stacey King’s “Hot Sizzle” calls, but its okay, at least I can watch “Soy Sauce” playing for the East Chicago Knicks.


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