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Keeping DJack Grounded in Philly

There’s no doubt that Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson is loaded with talent.  He is one of the quickest receivers in the league, and an explosive punt returner (although he obviously isn’t Devin Hester).  But, the news today that broke out of the “City of Brotherly Love” came as somewhat of a surprise to me.  Not only do the Eagles desperately want to sign DJack to a long-term contract, but they are also so willing to sign him that they want to give him the Franchise Tag this year.  He’s due close to $10 million next year, and I am literally shocked that the Eagles want to keep him this badly.  Especially considering that the Eagles have other great receivers such as Jeremy Maclin and Steve Smith.  I’m not saying that DJack is a bad player, he definitely is a stud athlete, but he seems like a bit too much of a loose cannon on a team already surrounded by morons such as Vince Young and Michael Vick.  No one likes DJack as much as DJack that is a certainty.  He has been in the league for four years and has twenty-eight touchdowns, but his “Flare” and behavior on and off the field are highly questionable.  He’s a freaking retard, lezbehonest here, as Kevin Costner says in the movie Bull Durham, “He’s got a million dollar arm and a ten cent head.”  But, whatever Philly, you guys suck anyways and will never be able to beat the Giants with DJack, Vick, or your fat ass head coach.  Have fun not making the playoffs and watching your archrivals win Super Bowls Philly fans.

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