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With a company of superstar artists professing that the light at the end of the tunnel is closing in, hip hop fans of the last two decades can only scratch their heads. I mean, c’mon, is it actually going to happen this time? I’m as skeptical as the next, but according to many sources Dr. Dre’s Detox is soon to be in post-production.

The next question that comes to mind should be is Detox going to be a great album in 2012? It’s certainly one of the most anticipated… Hell, it’s been on the most anticipated list for almost two years, but is it really going to be that spectacular?

In recent interviews, long time collaborator and O.G. pimp, Snoop Dogg, has stated (as casually as possible), “Yeah, we’ve been working on it, it’s almost finished. So that’s coming out soon.” The Long Beach rapper could not have embodied the tone of the majority of Dre’s fans more perfectly: mundane and underwhelmed.  And why wouldn’t we be? His teaser single “I Need a Doctor” was laughable and such a far stretch from the years of The Chronic and 2001 that many could have easily lost some hope in the godfather of gangster rap.

Primarily, the track released over a year ago heavily featured Skylar Grey and Eminem, only leaving our main man one verse to showcase his new flow or his “comeback” for that matter… and when he did, the rap was cliché at best: “It literally feels like a lifetime ago/ but I still remember the shit like it was yesterday though.” Of course you remember it, Dre?!? You’ve been in the game for twenty-five years. But then again, maybe he doesn’t remember. If he did, there would be no need to release a single that rides the coattails of his mega-superstar protégé, or the angelic voice of Grey. All and all, it left us feeling like a B-side to Eminem single “I Love the Way you Lie.”

So are we looking forward to this new album? The answer still remains YES. It is still Dr. Dre and we still remember that deep down he is the reason we learned that life is still “Nuthin’ But a G Thang.” He earned his stripes years ago, lets just hope he shows them in 2012.

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