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Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all

I’ve never heard someone utter this phrase, “I hate Tiger Woods.”  Call him an egomaniac, sex addict, unfriendly to fans and the media; whatever, it doesn’t matter.  He is the best golfer that has ever lived in my opinion, and it’s glad to see him back on his game.  This weekend sparks Tiger’s first PGA Tour event of the season out west at gorgeous Pebble Beach Golf Club outside San Francisco.  Two weeks ago he came in third place over in the United Arab Emirates, marking his third finish in a row inside the top three at tournaments’ end.  Tiger seems confident and loose going into this weekend at Pebble Beach, and it seems like he has good reason too.  He has been on his game, but has just missed winning the past three tournaments due to not making enough birdies in his final rounds, not because he played poorly, just not well enough to win.  Tiger is back and every one on the Tour should be very worried about it.  He will play the Pro-Am with Tony Romo the first three days which should prove as interesting because unlike Romo, Tiger won’t choke when the spotlight is shinning on him.  Should be a fun weekend for the Pros and the Amateurs, I know I’ll be watching out of jealousy because of the scenery and weather.

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