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Forbes’ Most Unlikeable Athletes

Forbes Magazine just produced its list of top ten most unlikable athletes today.  Some I agree with, and others I don’t but without further ado here is the list.

1 (Tie).  Tiger Woods and Michael Vick  2.  Plaxico Burress  3.  Ndamukong Suh  4.  Lebron James

5.  Kobe Bryant  6.  Terrell Owens  7.  Alex Rodriguez  8.  Kurt Busch

I can see where Forbes is coming from with most of the guys on this list besides Kurt Busch, who evidently is some sort of race car driver which I clearly don’t care about.  But, everyone else on this list is pretty understandable in the eyes of public opinion.  The only people I seriously don’t like on this list are Ndamukong Suh and Kurt Busch.  Suh, because he’s a Detroit Lion, easily my least favorite NFL team, and Kurt Busch because he thinks that he plays a “Sport” in Nascar.  In lieu of this Forbes “Top 10” which really only includes nine athletes, I will create my own list of most hated athletes who played for, or against Chicago-area teams.  So here you go, the LezBeHonest list of most disliked athletes both current and retired.

1.  Brett Favre  2.  The Entire “Bad Boys Pistons Team” in the 90s  3.  Reggie Miller  4.  The Sedin Twins on the Vancouver Canucks

5.  Sammy Sosa  6.  A.J. Pierzynski  7.  John Starks  8.  Eric Gordon

But who is the best player in Chicago sports history?  Well, that’s an easy one…

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