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College Football on the Mind

With National Signing Day beginning tomorrow at 7 am and ending at 5 pm airing on ESPNU.  I wanted to take a minute and look at the college football recruiting rankings.  It’s still a little bit too early to go full force into college basketball season for me at least, so this will be the last mention of college football you will see here for a while, I promise.  According to rivals, this is the top 15 college recruiting classes the last day before all the high school seniors must sign their letter of intent.

1.  Bama  2.  Texas  3.  The Ohio State University  4.  Florida  5.  Michigan  6.  Oklahoma  7.  Florida State  8.  Miami  9.  Clemson  10.  Texas A&M  11.  USC  12.  LSU  13.  UCLA  14.  South Carolina  15.  Notre Dame

There aren’t too many surprises with this top 15 with maybe the exceptions of Clemson, Texas A&M, and UCLA, but for the most part this looks about right.  Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide booster club obviously pays their players, the state of Texas breeds football players, and the Buckeyes have Urban Meyer now: enough said.  Good for Michigan to crack the top five with second year head coach Brady Hoke, and same for Miami’s coach Al Godlen; who is also entering his second year as a head coach.  It is interesting that Texas A&M rounded out the top ten seeing as though they just fired their head coach Mike Sherman, but once again, Texas breeds football talent.  Same can be said for UCLA who also will have a coach entering his first year in Jim Mora Jr.  The four other teams who round out the bottom spots are only surprising because one would think they would be higher due to the recruiting tools each University has at its disposal.  Have you ever seen the chicks that go to school at USC, LSU, and South Carolina (not to mention the climates aren’t bad either…)?  And, for some reason every one still wants to go to Notre Dame, although the movie Rudy sucks, and the school hasn’t had meaningful winning season since the 90s.  Anyways, looking forward to the start of the 2012 football season, look out for a NFL Draft Preview in the coming months; and as always, Go Bucks!

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