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Begrudgingly Visiting New York

Starting the weekend off right (on a Wednesday night), and I’m headed to New York for the weekend for the Bulls-Knicks game, job interview, and to celebrate a Giants win in the Super Bowl over the Patriots.  So I’ll be a first timer in Madison Square Garden tomorrow night, where I’m expecting to meet a bunch of Knicks fans who think their team is good because they just beat the lowly Detroit Pistons in Melo’s return from injury.  What they will neglect to tell you is the fact that they have lost 9 of their last 11 games, they have a record of 8-13, and currently are in 10th place in the playoff race.  I know it’s very early in the season, and the Knicks in all likelihood will at least be a seven seed in the playoffs, but lezbehonest here, this team sucks.  They are a mediocre NBA team at best, which is proven by their team statistics in all conceivable areas which lists them anywhere between 15-25 in any category.  I’m biased and admit that I hate Carmelo Anthony, but it’s clear that he and Amar’e haven’t looked good playing together in the short time they have played alongside one another.  The spread right now for the game is +9 for the Bulls and I am going to take the over, by a long shot.  DRose will torch the abysmal Knicks defense; let Melo and Amar’e score their points, Chicago will still destroy this team by at least 15, and that’s being generous.  I’ll bring my voice from the UC to the Garden, let’s go Bulls!!

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