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Golf Tournaments in the Middle East

This past weekend wrapped up the annual HSBC Golf Championship in the United Arab Emirates which featured such stars as Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods.  The event was won by some guy named Robert Rock while Rory and Tiger finished second and third, respectively.  Since no one really cared in the U.S. at least about a tournament half a world away, I won’t recap the tournament, but there is something that needs to be talked about.  Why in the hell are they playing a golf tournament in a place where not only do the citizens not play golf, but in a country that has almost zero jobs and an economy which is completely depleted (besides tourism in the country’s second biggest city, Dubai).  I just don’t understand why they put a World Golf Tournament in such an environment, I realize that the tournament does relatively well, it drew over 80,000 patrons, most of which whom were tourists from Europe or employees of HSBC.  But, having this tournament in the Middle East where almost no one plays golf, let alone afford it is beyond mind-boggling to me.  It’s like putting a hockey team in South Florida or Phoenix, which also makes zero sense.  Why don’t they place sporting events where people actually want to see it?  This is a question that has bothered me for years, but whatever, I guess I’m not cashing in the checks for these events, I may think differently if I had a couple million dollars in my pocket too.

The above picture is a photograph of the Dubai airport in 2009, over 80,000 cars were abandoned around the airport due to their shitty economy.  Their have to be a lot of golf fans in the UAE right…?

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