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Why the Mavs and Lakers Are Pretenders This Year

Don’t let the statistics from last night fool you, the final score of the Lakers v. Mavs game would indicate that last night in the Staples Center was a highly contested defensive affair, it wasn’t.  Actually, outside Bynum, Kobe, and Vince Carter, there really wasn’t much defense being played at all.  The final score saw the Lakers defeat the Mavs 73-30, a low scoring game by WNBA standards, no less and NBA one.  Each teams’ shooting was atrocious, and no one was scoring points due to Dirk and Kobe having off nights.  Truly after watching a majority of this game both teams just looked old.  Both teams are ridden with veterans who may need to think about retiring at the end of the year (I’m talking to you: Vince Carter, Jason Kidd, Brendan Haywood, Shawn Marion, Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher, Luke Walton, Jason Kapono).  Let me walk you through the last fifty seconds of the game that saw four possessions, two for each team.

With 45 seconds left Pau Gasol throws up a fade-away jumper from fifteen feet, which hits the side of the backboard.  Mavs possession, Dirk launches a prayer from behind the arc, the ball lands somewhere in Compton.  O.K. Lakers ball, 30 seconds to go, Kobe gets triple teamed, Derek Fisher wheels himself in his wheelchair to the three point line and drains it, much like he’s been doing for his entire career.  The funniest part was that stars Dirk and Kobe knew that it was the luckiest thing ever, during the timeout Dirk and Kobe locked eyes with another and shared a laugh, which to me says, “What the fuck are we doing in an NBA alumni game right now?”  Final possession of the game, Mavs trying to inbound the ball to Jason Terry who is running around like a mad man, Vince Carter runs to the top of the key to hit a clutch back rim, misses, and the game ends.  I then begin to try and go to sleep thinking to myself: wow these teams really suck this year, my Utah Jazz have a chance to get to the second round in a conference this bad.

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