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Thank You Dr. Martin Luther King

In all seriousness, Dr. MLK was one of the most important figures in American history, he stood for peace, prosperity, and equal rights for all.  Although many societal issues that he “Dreamed” about are still very much problems within our culture because unfortunately racism always will exist, but MLK without a doubt positively impacted our society.  With that being said, there are two reasons I love MLK more than anything: first, school gets cancelled on his birthday, and second, I get to watch NBA basketball in the early afternoon.  Here’s a list of the games happening during the day that we can all day-drink to, happy NBA/MLK Day everyone!

Magic @ Knicks 1 PM                                   Cavs @ Bobcats 2 PM

Bulls @ Grizzlies 1 PM                                  Blazers @ Hornets 3 PM

Bucks @ Sixers 2 PM                                      Nets @ Clippers 330 PM

Rockets @ Wizards 2 PM                             Raptors @ Hawks 4 PM

Thunder @ Celtics 8 PM                               Kings @ Twolves 8 PM

Mavs @ Lakers 1030 PM

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