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Star-Struck Starlin?

In typical Chicago Cubs fashion, the team ended the season twenty games under .500 and were completely irrelevant from the NL Central title race sometime in early March (when Spring Training started).  The team had a few bright spots, but no one shined brighter than 21-year-old shortstop Starlin Castro.  In his first full season with the Cubs, Starlin lead the league in hits, batted .304, stole 32 bases, hit 13 homers, and collected 107 RBI’s.  With Castro leading the Cubs, and Theo Epstein taking the reigns as the team’s President, the Cubs’ run in baseball obscurity is looking to be coming to a close.  Truly, the only bad news for Cubs fans was this past week’s allegations against their star shortstop.  According to a Chicago Police Report, a woman filed a complaint against Castro after spending the night at his home in Chicago.  The police are still investigating the incident, but these are the facts we know are certain.  Castro and the accuser were at a night club together in the River North area and she returned with him to his house.  The next day she was admitted to a local hospital for “undisclosed reasons.”  This is an ongoing investigation and we should not jump to any conclusions until all the facts are laid out, but this story sounds very suspicious to me.  Ultimately, I believe that Castro will not go to jail, but he probably will have to settle with the woman out of court just so the story can stop bringing the young star bad publicity.  Whether Castro committed the crime still remains to be seen, and in all reality the general public will never hear the truth.  But, Castro is 21 years old, inexperienced, and probably a bit nieve as most young people are (myself included).  He has a chance to be a star in this city for a long time, and will begin to have to become a positive role-model/ambassador for the Cubs.  This story is a black-eye for the young phenom, but he will persevere and hopefully learn something meaningful from this terrible situation.  It’s going to be an interesting year for the Cubs next season, but one thing is a certainty: Starlin’s stock will continue to rise.

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