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Tim “All I Do is Win” Tebow

(Barry Gutierrez / AP)

Throughout most of the season I have to admit that I was a huge Tebow hater. I couldn’t stand the constant media hype surrounding a quarterback who was statistically one of the worst in the NFL. My hate grew even more after Tebow constructed a patented-Tebow 4th quarter win against my Chicago Bears. However, after watching him put the team on his back against the Steelers on Sunday, I gained a tremendous amount of respect for the guy. A lot of his passes looked awful coming out of his hand, but he got the job done. His play in the second quarter was phenomenal, passing the ball and moving the chains like the New England Patriots.

If you’re going to give credit to Tebow, you must also give credit to the Broncos defense. The Steelers were flustered throughout most of the game by Von Miller, who consistently broke through the offensive line and Champ Bailey who broke up a huge third down pass in the fourth quarter. Whenever Tebow faltered, the Broncos defense was there to pick him up.

Looking ahead to next week, it seems that Tebow and the Broncos don’t have much of a chance in New England, but isn’t that what we thought on Sunday? Three weeks ago, the Broncos were looking like they could give Tom Brady and the Patriots a run for their money, but in the second half, Brady showed why he is the best quarterback in the NFL, leading the Pats to 41 points. The only hope that the Broncos have is Tebow, and that is a lot to hope for, but if I had to put money on it I would take the Patriots every time.

(Marc Piscotty, Reuters)

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