Hilarious Dos Equis Quotes

Some of the funniest Dos Equis quotes, probably funnier than the Chuck Norris quotes.

Here are my favorites:

“He can make orange juice, out of apples.”

“When people pay attention to him, he keeps the change.”

“He is the only person to ever find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.”

“He has never used a mulligan.”

Check out the website here: http://www.themostinterestingmanintheworld.net/dos-equis-guy-quotes/

About J.B. Blanchard

I am senior journalism major at DePaul University using this blog as a launching pad hopefully for a career as a sports writer. I am very passionate about all sports and always up to date on the latest sports scores, news and hot topics.

10 comments on “Hilarious Dos Equis Quotes

  1. he never votes but when he does, its for Ron Paul

  2. Cuba imports cigars from him


    Misquitos refuse to bite him purely out of respect

  3. Sasquatch takes pictures of him

  4. his handshake is hot enough to give satan 2nd degree burns

  5. mapquest ask him for directions

  6. husbands laugh; when their wives scream out your name in delight!

  7. He does have a dog. He is his own best friend.
    Earthquakes tremendous le at the sight of him.

  8. when he picks his nose, he finds gold,
    His shit smells like roses,
    when he farts, the ladies thank him,

    he is the most self absorbed man in the world

    stay stirsty my friends…

  9. when he goes hunting critters jump on his arrows

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