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Pour Some Sugar On Me

Thankfully for the Big10, the state of Michigan stood the tallest in the past two days of Bowl season.  If Michigan State’s triple overtime victory against Georgia wasn’t enough, the Wolverines decided to join in on the party.  Michigan’s offensive and defensive numbers were not glamorous by any means, but they did just enough to win, and that is all that matters.  Junior Hemingway and Denard Robinson hooked up for two touchdown passes, to lead the University of Michigan to its first BCS Bowl win since the year 2000.  After the hapless years of Coach Dick Rod at the helm of Michigan, first year head coach Brady Hoke has sure made a splash in his first season.  For Big10 fans, we can only hope that this is the beginnings of a revitalized Michigan program that has been left in obscurity for nearly the past decade.  As an Ohio State fan, I’m happy for the Big10 and for the Wolverines faithful who at long last finally can celebrate two marquee wins in a row.  This will probably be the last time I will ever say this, but Go Blue!  We may never admit it to you people up north, but Ohio is proud of you.  However, we’ll see you next year in the Horseshoe, Go Bucks!

One comment on “Pour Some Sugar On Me

  1. Go Blue…..I know it’s not easy for you to celebrate a Michigan victory!!
    Your blog is awesome.
    Keep up the good work!!

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