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Out with the Old, in with Who?

(Peter Diana, Post-Gazette )

The Chicago Bears have done the unthinkable, Jerry Angelo has been fired. It seemed that the front office horror story would never end at Halas Hall, but Bears fans should consider this a Christmas present that was lost in the mail. For years Chicago’s front office have made horrific decisions in personel as well as players which has ultimately put the Bears where they are now. This leads to their first order of business this offseason, finding someone who knows what the hell they are doing as a general manager. So far, the early candidates would likely be: Bill Polian, who was a longtime GM for the Colts until he was fired today, Bill Cowher, or possibly a couple different up-and-comers from Philadelphia or Arizona. It seems that Polian would be the best pick, if in fact he is still wanting to work.

Secondly, the Bears need to do almost whatever it takes to sign running back Matt Forte. I say almost because I don’t think any running back should ever be paid the kind of money that Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson are getting. In the NFL today, running backs normally last anywhere from 5-7 years if they are lucky. Once they near 30 years old, it is quite evident that they begin to break down. With an aging defense and the lack of a number 1 and 2 wide

(Associated Press)

receiver, the Bears need Forte, badly. If they are unable to retain Forte, there are some potential candidates to replace him via free agency, however it seems likely that most of these teams will do everything they can to keep their backs. The list includes: Ray Rice, Marshawn Lynch, Arian Foster (restricted FA), Cedric Benson, Peyton Hillis, BenJarvus Green Ellis and Mike Tolbert.

After the GM and Forte situations are hopefully resolved, they absolutely must get a top of the line wideout, whether its thru free agency or the draft. There is an unbelievable amount of talent at the wide receiver position this year in both places. In many mock drafts, the experts have the Bears selecting Notre Dame wideout Michael Floyd. With a 6’3, 225 pound frame, Floyd is the big, physical player that the Bears have never had. His style of play will not only help out Jay Cutler, but it will make speedy WR’s like Devin Hester and Johnny Knox much more effective. There are a plethora of big name guys the Bears could pick up via free agency including:

(Associated Press)

Wes Welker

Vincent Jackson

DeSean Jackson

Reggie Wayne

Dwayne Bowe

Marques Colston

Mike Wallace

Stevie Johnson

Brandon Lloyd

Personally, I think that they three best options would be Vincent Jackson, Dwayne Bowe or Marques Colston simply because they are young, extremely talented and would be perfect compliments to the rest of the wide receiving core. Obviously the Bears also need to bolster their offensive line, find some secondary line backers, get a replacement for Major Wright, cut Caleb Hanie and find a serviceable replacement. Also look for the Bears to make some tough decisions in cutting some salary in order to sign Forte and possibly get one of these stud wideouts.¬†The Bears should have been in the playoffs this year, but after losing Forte and Cutler, the wheels truly fell off. There is no reason that they can’t be even better than they were before those injuries occurred, but the front office will need to act fast because the heart and soul of the team (the defense) is not getting any younger.

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