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The Hometown Kid

The pride of Chicago sports, Derrick Rose, received an assist from his hometown team to the tune of a five-year contract extension worth $94.8 million.  Not a bad present for the first day of Hanukkah, Christmas, or in my case Christmakkah.  Rose’s talent is unquestionable, in his first year he won the Rookie of the year, and in only his third year he was awarded the league MVP.  Not bad for a kid who overcame much adversity during his upbringing on the mean streets of Englewood, on Chicago’s south side.  Looking beyond his raw talent and work ethic, Derrick is a twenty-three year old kid who actually understands the importance of being a model citizen.  He is involved in countless charity events around the world, and more specifically he is highly active in the Chicago community.  It has been said that on Sunday’s during off-days he returns to his old park where he plays pick-up games with the children in the neighborhood.  He is one of the few athletes in today’s world that actually portrays a trait uncommon in his line of work: loyalty.  DRose is an excellent role model, and someone who parents can tell their children to look up to.  He symbolizes the idea that hard work, and faith in oneself can lead to the openings of many doors towards a prosperous life.  Congratulations on the new contract Derrick, its well-deserved and we hope that you stay in Chicago forever, Go Bulls!

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  1. charle, enjoyed our “print” grandpa H

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