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NCAA Officials Need to Look in the Mirror

Two of the big stories in college sports today came from football powerhouses in Columbus, Ohio and Athens, Georgia.  Both of course involve money because these days it is the only thing that the NCAA cares about, which is why it needs to go.  Starting at UGA, head coach Mark Richt began the season on the hot seat, especially after he lost back-back games to open the season against Boise State and South Carolina.  Yet, his team rallied off ten straight wins, won the SEC East, and gained the right to play against LSU in the SEC Championship.  Although they got demolished in the game, Richt saved his job, and earned a berth in the Outback Bowl on January 2nd against Michigan State.  In an act of selflessness, Richt paid his coaching staff out of his own pocket because he believed his coaches received, “an unsatisfactory amount of compensation for the effort they put forth during the season.”  Of course, being the controlling and egomaniacal corporation that controls “Student-Athletes well-being” in the NCAA, they found Richt’s payments of his assistant coaches as breaking their rules.  He paid coaches that were unfairly fired, high school recruiters, and educators who had helped many members of his football team in the classroom and on the field.  Evidently, Richt’s ability to do the right thing is against the NCAA’s code of conduct, proving once again how soul-less the NCAA seems to be.

The other story of the day involves the long-awaited punishment of The Ohio State University’s football team. The NCAA’s  investigations of Jim Tressel and the six suspended football players has lasted more than a year.  As an Ohio State fan, I really do not have any problem with the one year bowl ban, the loss of five scholarships, or the two-year probation.  The problem I do have however, is the fact that the NCAA knowingly waited to hand down this punishment until after this year’s bowl games were announced.  They were waiting for OSU to accept a bowl bid this year so they can receive the money from the Gator Bowl which is a matchup of  marquee schools played between Florida and Ohio State on January 2nd.  Of course they don’t want to have the ban this year because then they will lose out on all the money from the game, they would rather lose out on the revenue from Ohio State’s inevitable Bowl game next year; because that is in the long-term, not the short-term.  All things being equal, the punishment could have been a lot worse, but the infractions committee is so hypocritical that it is almost embarrassing.  All they care about is lining their own pockets, which is why these six super conferences need to form quickly so the schools can self-govern themselves and get rid of the NCAA.  One of the NCAA’s core values states, “That the highest levels of integrity and sportsmanship should be obtained.”  Give me a break, why don’t you realize the problems in your own house NCAA, before you go and try to clean up every body else’s, pathetic.

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