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NBA Conspiracies Reach the NFL

The NBA has long been accused of conspiracy theories which normally revolves around referees favoring the league’s stars, and the idea that the league wants its large market teams to go further in the playoffs than small market ones.  The most recent conspiracy is in regards to how Commissioner David Stern vetoed the Chris Paul trade between the Hornets and the Lakers.  It is ridiculous to say that the NBA has the power to control the NFL, but it is interesting how the Christmas Day nationally televised football game between the Packers and Bears has fallen to almost complete irrelevancy.  After the Cutler injury against the Chargers derailed the Bears season, hampering them from fighting for a playoff berth.  Along with the recent loss of the Packers to the Chiefs, disallowing the Pack from their chance at an undefeated season.  Clearly, if the Packers were undefeated, and the Bears were still one of the best teams in the NFC with Cutler, the television ratings for the football game between the two division rivals on Christmas Day would have destroyed the ratings for the NBA’s Christmas Day match-ups between the Mavs and Heat, and the Bulls and Lakers.  Now I’m not saying the NBA had anything to do with the Bears’ injuries or the Packers failure to march towards an undefeated season, but it is interesting to see how the NBA’s chips have fallen into place.  Now that the Bears vs. Packers game is not as interesting, the NBA has clear control of the best games on Christmas Day.  Is David Stern really a mob boss?  Probably not, but it does seem interesting that the NBA seems to always get their way.

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