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A Crazy Sunday Afternoon

(Brian Spurlock/US Presswire)

Yesterday we witnessed the most bizarre day of football in recent memory. There was everything from upsets, disgusting injuries and unbelievable plays. First we will dive into the Bears-Seahawks game, a must win for the Bears having dropped three consecutive games. With Caleb Hanie starting at quarterback, the Bears had little chance to begin with, but they were hoping for an ugly win against a mediocre team. After going into half time with a 14-7 lead, Chicago was looking to lockdown defensively and get a few more field goals to seal the deal. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, Caleb Hanie was his usual self throwing two pick-sixes in back to back drive. The Bears never had a chance after that. Also, early on in the game, Bears wide receiver Johnny Knox suffered one of the most visually heinous injuries where he was literally bent backwards (check out the YouTube video below)

In the same week that the Indianapolis Colts picked up their first win, the Green Bay Packers were handed their first loss in 364 days. The Tennessee Titans had every chance to win this game, but the terrible play of their defense as well as veteran quarterback Matt Hasselback lost the game for them. The Packers lost a starting offensive lineman to injury earlier in the year and they suffered two more injuries to the line on Sunday against the Chiefs. Regardless of the injuries, the Packers should have dismantled Kansas City, the loss showed the true weakness of the Packers defense.

(AP Photo/Evan Pinkus)

With the Giants trying to avoid another epic collapse, and they should have had an easy win against Rex Grossman and the lowly Washington Redskins. However, Eli Manning, who was trying to say that he is an “elite” NFL quarterback, had one of the worst games of the season for all quarterbacks. Needless to say, the Giants were unable to win and fell to 7-7. The other team in New York, the Jets, are also fighting for a playoff spot and laid an egg against the self titled ‘Dream Team’. The Eagles dominated every aspect of the game, beating the Jets by a score of 45-19.

Things have become very interesting for both conferences and the playoff odds. Its sure to be another crazy two weeks in the NFL.

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I am senior journalism major at DePaul University using this blog as a launching pad hopefully for a career as a sports writer. I am very passionate about all sports and always up to date on the latest sports scores, news and hot topics.

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