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What You Learn in Dekalb, Illinois: The Sam Hurd Story

(ABC Local, Chicago)

Sam Hurd is in his sixth year out of Northern Illinois, five of the seasons he has played for Dallas and this year he has been a seldom used wide-receiver; mostly special teams player for the Bears.  This past off-season, the Bears signed Hurd to a three year and nearly four million dollar contract, but making four million dollars over the span of three years obviously was not good enough for Hurd.

The Chicago Bear was arrested Wednesday after he met with an undercover officer and told him that he was interested in purchasing a kilogram in cocaine, in purposes to distribute the drugs.  In a quote taken from the Chicago Tribune, the officer stated that, “Hurd told the agent that he was interested in buying five to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week to distribute in the Chicago area, the complaint said. He allegedly said he and a co-conspirator already distribute about four kilos of cocaine every week, but their supplier couldn’t keep up with his demands.”  Now I’m not a mathematician, or drug dealer for that matter, but buying five to ten kilograms of cocaine, along with one thousand pounds of marijuana a week is ridiculous.  Hurd’s million dollar annual salary didn’t suffice for Hurd, and he was dead-set on becoming a Chicago-drug ring leader.

The receiver has been rumored to have sold drugs to teammates and other NFL players.  The Sam Hurd saga is once again another blunder by Bears’ GM Jerry Angelo, who never ceases to amaze fans with his inability to sign marquee talent, and giving contracts to questionable personalities.  Before the lockout ended this summer, the DEA began their investigation into Sam Hurd’s drug ring, and Angelo signed Hurd to a three year contract anyways.  Luckily, this story will not become that big of a deal because of Hurd’s lack of playing time, but at the same time, this looks horrible on Angelo’s already tarnished reputation as a GM.  It’s time that the Bears find a new eye for talent because I don’t like the idea of the Bears players taking on the same reputations as players on the Lions, Raiders, and Bengals.  Out of this terrible story, I’m looking at two positives that could come out of it: Sam Hurd rightfully going to jail, and a possible change in the Bears’ GM position.  Excuse the pun, but Sam Hurd, you are a “Bear Down.”

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