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Attention Bulls Fans

First off, for those of you who were unaware, the Bulls will be playing tonight against the Indiana Pacers in a rematch of last year’s first round of the playoffs. The games is at 6:00 PM CST on WGN so tune in.

(NBA/Getty Images)

Secondly, and most important, I hate to say it Bulls fans, but if you haven’t already please stop paying attention to all of the Dwight Howard to the Bulls drama. Most of the superstars in the NBA are bigger divas than Tina Turner and Whitney Houston and they will do literally anything to be to talk of the town. In the past week we have seen Dwight Howard accused of meeting with teams when he wasn’t allowed to, then he formally demanded a trade out of Orlando, but of course the Magic had to follow his orders and could only trade him to the Lakers or the Nets. Then a couple of days ago, we saw Howard address the media and saying that he now thinks he can stay in Orlando to sign an extension which is a rarity for NBA players these days. That leads us into today where Dwight Howard has come out in saying that his trade request still stands.

At this point, it’s really just a waste of time for people to talk about, speculate about, write about, or anything involving Dwight Howard and the Magic, especially for the Bulls fans. The probability of him being traded before the NBA Trade Deadline in March is very high and Dwight has expressed very clearly that the only teams he would for sure sign a contract extension with are the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, New Jersey Nets or staying in Orlando. It doesn’t seem like a good idea for the Bulls to trade away Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, Omer Asik, and Luol Deng essentially for one player and especially if Howard doesn’t want to sign in Chicago.

(Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune)

I was listening to the Jonathan Hood Show on ESPN Radio the other night and he brought up a great point when talking about Howard and other NBA superstars. He said that for some reason, a lot of NBA players would rather be “the man” than be a part of a mechanism for a championship team. He was directing this comment towards Howard saying that no matter what, Derrick Rose will be “the man” in Chicago. Rose is a hometown product, he has been the Rookie of the Year, he’s been selected to the Eastern Conference All-Star team twice and oh wait, that’s right, he just won the MVP last year–all in three years. Dwight Howard would be the Robin to Rose’s Superman and that is not something Howard wants. Howard sees that Kobe will be gone from L.A. in three or four years at most, he knows that he will be the man in Brooklyn over Deron Williams and he also knows that while Dirk is still arguably the hardest player in the league to guard, he only has a few years left as well. Dwight wants to be the man and win a championship as well. It can be done, but definitely not with the Magic team surrounding him right now. I think the Mavericks will end up getting Howard somehow and they are probably the best fit for him as well.

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