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Manning vs. Luck

(Andy Lyons, Getty Images)

Since last year, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck has been regarded as the top NFL prospect, some even saying it is his “birth right” to be franchise quarterback in the NFL. The Indianapolis Colts are currently 0-13 and will almost certainly secure the number one draft pick for the upcoming draft in 2012. There has been a lot of debate on what the Colts should do with their pick since they currently have one of the best quarterbacks of all-time in Peyton Manning. It seems about 50/50 on what the experts are saying the Colts should do, half saying that they should just draft Andrew Luck and then trade Peyton Manning, the other half saying that the Colts should draft Luck and keep Manning for a year so that he can mentor Luck just as Brett Favre did for Aaron Rodgers.

This is a very hard decision for the Colts to make because if they trade Manning right away and Andrew Luck turns out to be a bust, which is very possible, the Colts will be stuck at the bottom of the NFL for many years to come. However, if they decide to keep Manning and draft Luck, he could pull an Eli Manning and demand a trade on draft day. There also is the factor that Manning has not played all season because of a neck injury that he has had surgery on multiple times in the last two years, so he may never be the quarterback he once was. As you can see, this is quite the pick for the the Colts organization. Here is what they should do: first, it is quite obvious that they will not pass up on a player like Andrew Luck so they must draft him no matter what. Secondly, they need to keep Peyton Manning for at least one season, not only because he can bring the Colts back to a playoff contender in one season, but also to put Luck under his wing. Manning has been regarded as one of the smartest quarterbacks of all time, putting all of his time and energy preparing for his opponents, and making himself better.

(Getty Images)

If Luck is too ignorant to see that a year of sitting on the bench, but learning from one of the best at the same time, he shows that he doesn’t possess the will to achieve great things. Aaron Rodgers probably wasn’t very happy about sitting on the bench for three years, however, when he finally got his number called it was almost a perfectly seamless transition from Favre to Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers was mature and ready for his time to shine, and if Andrew Luck has any intelligence at all, he should be extremely anxious to have the opportunity to work under one of the greatest players in the NFL of all time.

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