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Royally PISSED Off

There is no easy way to dive into this topic; a topic that makes me so sick and pissed off at society that I don’t really know where to begin.  In the past month, two big name NCAA sports programs saw assistant coaches from their University be accused of multiple counts of child molestation, from a variety of victims.  A school: whether it being elementary, junior high, high school, or college is a place parents can send their kids and expect them to be safe.  It appears that in Penn State’s case that former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky will get what he deserves, and will be found guilty eventually.  But, that is not enough, I want every employee within the football program to go down with him, from JoePa, all the way down the list to the fucking water-boy.  Let me reiterate, EVERY single person on the football staff during the time that these allegations took place should be fired, whether they had knowledge of the situation or not.  And honestly, Sandusky going to jail does not fit the crime that he committed.  Child abuse or molestation, too me at least, is a worse crime than murder; it ruins innocent kids’ lives before they even have a chance.  Sandusky deserves to be castrated, and then executed; plain and simple.  And, everybody within the Penn State community who allowed this to go on deserves to go down with him.  I’m not saying to literally kill the other coaches and administrators who worked alongside Sandusky, but I am saying that they do not deserve to have a job working with children because of their negligence.

The other developing story involving major allegations against a high-profiled NCAA program is the Syracuse University basketball team.  If the accused Bernie Fine is convicted of his child molestation charges, he deserves the same fate as Sandusky; castration and death.  The storyline behind these allegations are not as cut and dry as the ones at Penn State due to the length of time the accusers waited to go public with their stories of abuse.  Yet, after listening to one of the accusers phone conversation with Bernie Fine’s wife, it seems as though that this story has a lot of merit as well.  When the Syracuse story broke, their revered head basketball coach Jim Boeheim, vehemently denied and defended his long-time assistant.  He basically called the accusers “liars” and simply, “looking to make money following Penn State’s debacle.  If Fine is guilty, Boeheim and his entire staff deserve to be fired as well; clean the house entirely.

Nobody is above the law, no matter how powerful and respected someone might be.  Joe Paterno and Jim Boeheim, while being phenomenal coaches and teachers of men, are still just that: men.  They are not Gods, they are people, and although every body is entitled to make mistakes, these mistakes would prove, if true, unforgivable to me.  As Matt Millen eloquently stated following the breaking story at Penn State, “If we can’t protect our kids, We, as a Society, are pathetic.”  Have our values really become so misguided as a society that we cannot even stand up for our own children who do not yet have the strength to stand up for themselves?  I apologize for the seriousness of this post, but these stories are really disgusting to me.  Child molesters are murders, and they should be treated as such.  If Fine and Sandusky are indeed found guilty in the court of law, Syracuse and Penn State University need to step-up and do the right thing: fire everyone.

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