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Gauging the Heat

(Miami Heat)

Last year we witnessed one of the most absurd preseason parties in the history of sports when LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade decided to fill the American Airlines Arena to show their fans what things were going to be like in the next few years. Not only did LeBron guarantee a championship last season, he decided to go ahead and let everyone know they were going to win eight championships. First of all, we should have known that was never going to be true because Michael Jordan wasn’t on the team and LeBron plays like the anti-Tim Tebow giving the Heat no production in the fourth quarter.Also, all three of the “Big 2.5” wouldn’t have necessarily been under contract with the Heat in eight years. There have been rumors of trading Bosh for a true center or a pass-first point guard, but it doesn’t seem likely considering he was the only one who showed up in every game of the finals. I actually don’t blame him for crying after they lost in the championship, he worked his ass off every game, producing big numbers and watching the other two thirds miss open jumpers or having the “best player in the NBA” average 2.2 points in the fourth quarter.

For some reason when LeBron was interviewed on ESPN by Michael Wilbon earlier this week talking about how sorry he was and that he realized he was being somebody he’s not and basketball wasn’t fun for him, I believed him. I immediately regained all of that hatred this morning when the Heat decided that they were going to introduce an all black alternate jersey. Here’s why this is so stupid: they already have a black jersey and the only difference between the normal black jersey and the new one is that in the alternate jersey they took all of the red out, making it only black and white. It’s pretty frustrating to see something like that on the front page of ESPN.com this morning after all of this talk about the Heat players changing their identities. Oddly enough, even though there is not an ESPN Miami, the Heat still managed to have their own webpage on ESPN called the “Miami Heat Index” which is one of the dumbest things I have ever read.  It doesn’t look like anything is changing, other than the color red coming out of their new jerseys, which of course was gobbled up by the media in a heartbeat. Bosh, James and Wade love the attention they’re getting right now and whenever they aren’t playing in a game that has any meaning, but once the spotlight is really on them, they curl up into the fetal position and pout. After the game they either tell the press that it’s a good thing the Heat are losing because the world is happier (which I don’t necessarily disagree with that statement) or they send out Eric Spoelstra to tell the press that they are just so heart broken over this regular season loss that they are all bawling their eyes out in the locker room. I hate do diss Wade since he’s from Chicago and he’s a true Chicago fan, but the only reason the Heat are so disliked is because they way in which they carry themselves. There are two players on the Heat’s current roster who have won an NBA title, Dwyane Wade and Eddie House. No one else should ever talk about a championship until/if they ever win one.

(Cassie Armstrong, Orlando Sentinel)

The reality of this situation is that the Heat really don’t have that many years left of being a true dominant force in the NBA. Wade is turning 30 this year and has been very prone to injuries throughout his career. Bosh and LeBron will be turning 28 so they definitely still have some mileage left on them, but I honestly don’t think they will all be together after the 2012-2013 season unless they can win a championship. They all have a clause in their contracts allowing them to opt out after the third year if things don’t go as planned. To be honest, even with the addition of Shane Battier, their team isn’t a whole lot better than they were last year. If they could have picked up Chauncey Billups, I would have picked them to win this year, but without a true leader on the team, championships will be hard to come by.

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