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Monday Night Football is Dead to Me

There is only so much that the great hosts of Monday Night Football can do: Mike Tirico, Jaws, and Jon Gruden.  ESPN’s scheduling of these nationally televised Monday Night games has just been atrocious.  Out of the seventeen games that will/have been played on Monday Night this year I count five games that I would actually want to watch.  Those games are: Detroit v. Chicago, Philadelphia v. Chicago, New Orleans v. New York Giants, Pittsburgh v. San Francisco, and Atlanta v. New Orleans.  The other twelve games are a complete joke, especially the one on t.v. tonight which comprises of two completely irrelevant teams in Seattle and St. Louis.  ESPN needs a better system to schedule these games.  Maybe at the beginning of the month the schedulers should look at the next month’s match-ups and pick which one they think would be the best game to nationally televise on Monday’s.  I’m sick and tired of watching these games that have zero impact on the rest of the league.  Do a better job with your scheduling ESPN; please, I really do not want to devote my Monday night’s to doing homework.

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