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We Got Tebowed

I’m not a Tim Tebow hater, I’m really not, I really like how he leads his teams and they always seem to win.  As a quarterback, he is adequate, he never turns the ball over and he makes the crunch time passes and runs that prove pivotal.  However, he annoys the hell out of me.  He has never lost to any of my teams, he beat OSU and now he beats my Bears.  I’m just really aggravated by this guy, he does the necessary things to win every time, against all the teams he plays.  He has the intangibles of A.J. Pierzynski or Derek Fisher who you love when he is on your team, but hate playing against him.  I’m impressed by this winning streak which mainly exists due to the Broncos defensive play, their kicker who makes outrageously pressure cooked, and long, field goals.  And, without a doubt Tim Tebow.  But, Lez-be-honest here, as dumb-founding and fascinating as this winning streak is, you know deep down that this guy annoys you the same way Bono and Oprah do.  I mean just look at this picture…

(Ron Chenoy/US Presswire)


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