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The Packer Loop Hole

Recently, I was handed an article about the NFL in regards to the leagues’ rules which discontinued the ability for individual teams to sell “stock” to their fan-base.  The league banned all its teams except the Green Bay Packers from selling their “shares” to the fans.  The only reason the league did not include the Packers in this rule is because they are a publicly owned team by the city of Green Bay, and they have been selling their “stock” years before any other team began to.  The Packers have received $45 million from selling their “shares” which can be used in whatever way that the front office sees fit.  Since the Packers explain boldly on their product that, “the stock ‘does not constitute an investment in ‘stock’ in the common sense of the term,’ and that the buyer of the stock should not expect to receive a dividend or otherwise make a profit.”  Stating this on the product is important because it shows that the Packers are not in any way misleading their fans with the product they are selling.  I see no problem with what the Packers are doing as long as the NFL continues to allow the “Green Bay Loop hole.”  They are a publicly owned team, and their market base is so small due to the population of the city of Green Bay being under 100,000 people that I do not mind that the NFL allows Green Bay to continue their operation.  However, I think the rule is stupid. The NFL should just open up this option to the other teams so they too can enjoy the revenue from “stock holders” that the Packers enjoy.  The Packers are using a loop hole in the system that any other large corporation would also take advantage of.  America enjoys a free-market system, and as long as what a corporation does is not illegal, all advantages to the business should be taken and used to its fullest advantage.  The link to this article is: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/12/11/league-has-no-plans-to-let-other-teams-sell-stock/


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